Meme Image Creation with Over: Text Up Your Images | iPad.AppStorm

Author: Matthew Shelton

Here’s a way that you can add text to your images, right in your iPad – its an app named Over. ?My favorite kind of image editing. ?Just having and sharing images nowadays isn’t nearly as cool as adding text to them, especially when you can add text that can make the image funny or meaningful or possibly go viral.?

Over: Text Up Your Images | iPad.AppStorm

“To add more text blocks to the same image, pick Layers in the dial. All the text you have added so far will be displayed to the left of the screen. Pick the right one from the list to start editing it. After selecting, the text can be updated with new?…iPad.AppStorm”

So if you add text and are going for some kind of added meaning to the image, you might be creating a meme. ?If you want some funny examples of memes, just do a search for “funny memes”, or try “grumpy cat” or “leave Britney alone” for starters – have fun!

grumpy cat looking pitiful

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