Join Audible

I made the decision to join Audible quite some time ago but only recently have I put together a system where I am really getting a tremendous amount of value from my membership with

Here is what I did, and am consistently doing to make my Audible membership a valuable part of my everyday life:

Use Bluetooth

I always turn on Bluetooth in the car and have the Audible program app running on my phone while I’m driving. This may seem counter-intuitive, especially if you are in a State that doesn’t allow using a phone while driving, like mine. However, by turning on Bluetooth, then if I get a phone call, with Bluetooth on I can answer the phone by touching a control on my steering console rather than reaching for the phone, so it is actually safer and considerably more convenient (and legal!).

While shopping at the grocery store etc. I am using Bluetooth ear buds or corded headphones to listen to Audible rather than being subjected to the piped-in music of the store – which more often than not I find irritating anyway. So I’m getting to listen to really good stuff and not having to hear music that I don’t like at all – win-win.

At Home – Headphones or Bluetooth Speaker

At home, if I’m not moving around a lot, then I listen using headphones or earbuds. But if I’m moving around a LOT (like cooking) then I listen to my audio programs over a Bluetooth speaker so there are no restrictions to my movement at all.

Foreign Language Learning with Audible

One of the things that REALLY got me to listening consistently is using the foreign language learning programs on Audible. I love using products and working on things that you can have obvious results from and see obvious progress happening from listening and practicing speaking as part of the Audible program.

A Feeling of Accomplishment

A well-designed foreign language program will do that for you, if you listen to it and practicing speaking as part of going through the product, you will find yourself building phrases and vocabulary and improving your pronunciation in your chosen language, on a daily basis. I’m finding this to be very rewarding.

Audible Review System

One of the great things about Audible is you can easily see what other people think about the particular audiobook that you are considering getting, simply by reading the reviews for that audiobook.

Started with Spanish

For foreign language, I decided to start with Spanish. Looking at the number of reviews and how high the ratings were, I decided to go with the Spanish audiobooks by Paul Noble – and they are great. I like the Paul Noble Spanish audiobooks so much that I am already on the Level 2 product. It builds off of Level 1, so it a perfect progression – easy and fun, and SO much better than looking at a book on Spanish – all the difference in the world!


Self Improvement and Motivational Audiobooks

I also like to listen to self-improvement and motivational audiobooks – I’ve already been through quite a few of them, and my favorite so far is: No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline for Success in Your Life by Brian Tracy

One of the tricks I highly recommend to you when listening to self-improvement and motivational audiobooks is this: If the programs asks you to stop and write something down (like making a list of your favorite things to do, just for an example) then if at all possible actually stop and do the exercises right then and there, in the part of the audiobook that they are asking you to – this makes it so you are much more involved and invested in what you are listening to, and you get a lot more benefit from that particular audio book.

However, this means being able to stop and write or type things rather than just listening, so these types of programs quite often are best listened to and gone through at home or at the office. Of course, once you have gone through the program once and follow through with their assignments then it is great to listen to it again and again to reinforce the points they are making and this kind of listening can be done anywhere.

Amazon Bestsellers also on Audible audiobooks

If you are simply wanting to listen to stuff that makes you laugh, or audiobooks that kind of put you into a different world, then there are tons of great products on Audible that does this too. Not to mention all the Amazon bestsellers that also are available on audiobook – the selection is simply staggering.

Audible Membership – Best of All –

I’ve left one of the best things about Audible membership for last:

By being a monthly member, you get 1 credit per month that can be applied to almost any of the audiobooks in their catalog. So quite often you can pick up an audiobook that is priced at at least twice the cost of the monthly membership – so to my mind you actually can save a lot of money that way. In my particular case, there are some foreign language audiobook programs that are in the $30 range that I am going to be able to pick up for only one credit – so it is really quite a deal.

I will be recommending further audiobooks available on that I personally am listening to and getting a lot out of but in the meantime I highly, highly recommend that you go ahead and sign up for your Audible membership – you are going to love it.