Crazy Haiku Writer

I enjoy lots of different types of writing, and one of them is writing haikus. For some reason I am really able to crank them out. I also include haikus in strange places, such as in a couple of my WordPress books, and also another book that my cats forced me room to write.;-)? Guess I’m a crazy haiku writer.cats-writing-poems-matthew-shelton

I’ve also been writing haikus lately as a form of advertising slogans too.

So I’ll be posting various some types of haikus here just for fun and start off with I’m going to post some of my zombie haikus!? You let me know if I qualify as a crazy haiku writer.

Here’s some I writing as ideas for slogans and ads. ?When working on a project, I tend to crank out a lot of ideas because quite often one idea can spark an even better idea, so its best to just throw it all out there. ?Here’s the first installment in this series:

Chick-fil-A slogan haikus