Is Podcasting a Business Marketing Strategy You Should Do?

Author: Matthew Shelton

You hear a lot about using podcasting as a business marketing strategy – but is it right for you and your business? ?There’s a lot of really good things about podcasting – listeners really start to get a sense of who you are and where you are coming from, they stay engaged for a long period of time on your site instead of quickly bouncing away, but:

You have to put the work into a podcast – it’s not reading a script by any means – there has to be enthusiasm or at the very least engagement in your subject matter. ?You have to produce the content, you have to edit the audio and put it out there. ?The article from Search Engine Journal is worth reading:

Podcasting as a Business Content Marketing Strategy

“Every day we hear more experts preaching the gospel of podcasting as a content marketing tool. It’s a very enticing sermon. We get to have our own cute little pre-recorded radio show our audience can listen to when they’re working out or driving in the …”

podcasting as business strategy

To Podcast or Not to podcast – that is the question

This bit and this blog post has got me right on the edge with this – straight audio podcast, or vlogging? ?What do you think?

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