Dads Den Building and Website Building

This was supposed to be about website building but since it is Father’s Day today I just had to use this article below. ?It just struck me as funny, even the location: “bring him along to Brinham”. ?Reminds me of the Shakespeare quote “Till Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane” where the magical trees move from one place to another.

Nothing so magical here, but I really don’t know what Dads building dens deep in the woods, UK style, is all about – I really don’t.

Really I think Dads nowadays should, besides building dens deep in the woods with their kids, should teach them how to build websites as early on as possible,Nerd because that is an extremely useful skill that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Den Building for Dads

“Treat your Dad this Fathers day. Bring him?along to Brimham and help him build a den?deep in the woods. All Dads must be?accompanied by a child..”

Really I’d like to be there for this event – I’m just imagining some kind of hobbit-like thing where Dads are digging out dens in the sides of hillsides to crawl into with their kids so they can pretend to be woodland creatures for the day ;). ?Really Dads building websites with their kids would be better in the long run.
animal dens

Come crawl in the den with me!



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