Great Map Image Editing and Creation for Your Sites

You gotta try this out – this really is a great map creation and image editing tool for your websites. ?The example map they made in the article below was kinda radical-looking, reversing the normal colors and making the buildings purple, but they did it just to show all the options that you have available to you. ?

Imagine getting maps to look exactly like you want them to look – that’s what this can do for you, and in terms of editing the images and changing the looks, it is really easy.

Stamen Design Reveals an Instagram for Maps

“Oakland and its parks. The last few years have seen an explosion in photo editing. In a pre-digital era, changing the tone and feel of your photographs was for professionals. Photoshop made it easy, and Instagram brought those capabilities to the …”

Another thing that you can do with these maps that isn’t immediately apparent is that you can use the maps to build videos also, especially with videos that are basically a Powerpoint-style presentation. ?Below is a map I just created using the basic Stamen Design system (not MapStack) – you can see it looks great and I’ll be able to re-purpose it for both the Simons Rentals website and videos:

Saint Simons Island with Bay and Jekyll

Saint Simons Island with Bay and Jekyll

Check out this MapStack app!

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