NOT Happy with ZoneAlarm

I am not happy with ZoneAlarm right now.? I am the webmaster for a new site and have been using the ZoneAlarm security suite for years.? Just made an unpleasant discovery that zonealarm puts this big yellow popup on the site saying that it is “suspicious” and recommending that you click away, unless you want more information.

If you click the more information link, then they try to sell you their services.

Here’s what it looks like:

not happy checkpoint zonealarm popup

I’m not happy at all with this checkpoint zonealarm popup

If you go to the link below you’ll see there’s been multiple posters to the forum about this issue.? They say they can’t or won’t do anything about it because so many spammers put up new websites.

So I’m developing this useful site, and this company is leaving me with no recourse to fixing this problem.? It’s like you are the new kid at school, and you are being picked on because you are the new kid.? You’ve done nothing wrong, but you are being picked on simply because you are the new kid – but don’t worry, after 3 months of this you won’t be the new kid any more and they’ll pick on someone else (and try to sell their services at the same time).

So I am not happy with zonealarm and checkpoint.

Seems to me that the truly professional thing to do would be, if they insist on keeping this stricture, would be to sell a security certificate where the website has to verify itself etc., kind of like you do with Google Webmaster accounts.? Hint, hint, ZoneAlarm/Checkpoint.


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