Chick-fil-A slogan haikus 2

More homage to the Chick-fil-A? ad campaign- some more?Chick-fil-A? slogan haikus – what they are doing really stimulates my imagination.? Guess one reason is that I actually grew up helping my Granddad on his Angus cattle farm, so I know first-hand that cows really do have personalities.? Here are some more haikus for you:


Bach bock bock bock bock? (cow wearing powdered wig)
Yes we are a classy place
Come to Chick-fil-A

Web birds are tweetin’
About eatin’ more chikin
Eat Mor Chikin Now
Chick-fil-A  slogan haikus billboard

Interstate Cows:
I see lots of Chik-fil-A billboards on interstates – why not have some specific to their location, directing drivers into the stores?? Here’s some examples:

If cows could drive cars
they would turn your steering wheel
Go Eat Mor Chikin!

No, cows do not text?????? (hooves holding smartphone)
but it be-hooves you to go
And Eat Mor Chikin!

Go over this hill
and turn right for great chikin:
Go Eat Mor Chikin!

Yes this road is straight
But a right turn will get you
to Eat Mor Chikin!

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