Already Disappointed not – Comment on a Meme

Author: Matthew Shelton

I made a meme, using the beginning image called ?anxiety cat? ? had fun doing that.? The cat is saying: ?Already disappointed about? tomorrow.?? You know, all kinds of humor has to have a shred of truth to it and some pain in it too, to be funny at all.

So I thought: How did I come up with that?? ?Already disappointed about tomorrow??? The whole idea was to be really exaggerated, but I thought how exaggerated IS that?? How good are my plans for tomorrow?

Everyone has seen a dog or a cat that you want to pet but they wouldn?t get anywhere near already disappointed about - tomorrow!you ? they would shrink away, right?.? You are thinking, ?All I want to do is pet you, and make you feel good? but the creature, because of their past, just can?t handle it and won?t accept the good that is right in front of them.

So I?m thinking ? how often do I do that?? How often do I not set up each day to be as good as it possibly can be, that it can be inspiring, I can make a lot of progress, I can help people, things like that?

Of course all plans have got to have a level of thought to them, and all plans ?never survive contact with the enemy? (which is reality in this case).? So some people ask then ? what is the point of planning anyway?

So that?s why you have level 1, level 2, and level 3 plans ? you?ve got to have your backup plans.? Also I?m finding too that I have to have plans that are more realistic, in terms of ? How much energy am I going to have? How much time am I going to have??? And so I have to prioritize my plans.? Lots of times I?ll put together a plan and I?m not really wanting to go through with it.? So nowadays I?m asking myself if I?m really following my heart with whatever this plan is, this goal is ? do I really want to do it?? Another thing it can be, and maybe you are with me on this ? a lot of times it is just not an inspiring enough plan, its just not a big enough goal.? It needs to be something that kind of sets your heart on fire.


Of course a lot of big plans you?re reluctant to tell anybody about, because they?ll think you are an idiot, etc.? And the other side to big plans is you might find yourself getting depressed right away about it ? in that case it would be good to ask: ?What?s in your life that is making you depressed??


Last night I was reading a book on my Kindle ? love to sit back in the chair with all the lights off except for the Kindle backlighting ? I had just picked something and started on it.? After a while I could tell that I had to stop reading ? I could tell it was going to be just horrible.

I like horror sometimes, but only if it is big improbable monsters or end of the world or something, and this was creeping into all kinds of family scenarios instead and for me it wasn?t going to be enjoyable at all.

So after I stopped reading I was wondering why I was feeling so bad, and so depressed ? and I realized it was that story I had been reading! So I picked something else, and started reading something else that was light-hearted and I felt a lot better.

So you might want to ask yourself if you are depressing yourself sometimes with what you are exposing yourself to (like what passes for the ?News? nowadays? hmmm).

Can you change that ?feel? inside your head?? What is it going to take to do that?

I?m realizing that I have to ramp up my plans ? have more layers to them, and work also on being more realistic.? I?m also asking: ?What am I going to do to keep inspired??

Even more important lots of times: ?What am I going to do to keep on track, and to be more accountable??

So no more of the ?already disappointed? ? let?s try these other steps instead!

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