Time Refund

I just read an Amazon book review that asked for something impossible, but something I?m sure we all wish we could get every once in a

time refund

Time Refund Request!

while ? a time refund.

The last sentence of the review reads like this:

?I do not recommend this book and since it was free, I want a time refund because mine was totally wasted?

This is why I?m quite often clicking on the 1 and 2 star reviews of books nowadays before deciding to download them, because even if they are ?free? there is still a major investment involved ? your time, your life.? I read a lot of Kindle books, and like everyone else, I don?t want to waste my time.

If I am choosing to read something, I?d like to know as much about it as possible beforehand to see if it is worth reading.? You can?t rely on something having hundreds of positive, rave reviews, either

? if there?s something about books that you find totally irritating or complete turn-offs, such as tons of misspellings or grammar mistakes, then it is best to find out beforehand and avoid that book, no matter how dramatically it is portrayed otherwise.

Same with a movie, a play, a live musical performance, you name it:? If you can control your time and make it quality time, then try to find out as much as you can about it beforehand to try to up your chances of experiencing something exceptional.

I want a time refund!!

How nice that would be ? but it?s never going to happen.? So even when you find yourself in a situation that you feel like you are totally ?wasting your time? and you can?t seem to get out of it, you can still decide to change your attitude about what is happening.

A few weeks ago I was in the audience of what was basically a talent show.? You get a grab bag with talent shows, some good acts, some bad, but there was this one performance that went on for 20 minutes that should have been, tops, 5 minutes.? It was excruciatingly boring to me and I could NOT believe that the performer couldn?t pick up on the fact that the audience was bored out of their skulls.? I should have left after 10 minutes at most, but there was no way to know when this particular performance was going to end, so I stayed.? Next time I?ll leave.? Anyway, I laughed to myself and at myself over the situation, and that helped a little bit.? Getting a perspective on things always helps.

So here?s my recommendations on avoiding things where you wish you could get a time refund,
and what to do if you are ?stuck? anyway:

  1. Plan and prioritize your work
  2. Research your recreation time ? use reviews!
  3. Listen to traffic reports before getting on the road
  4. Use humor and positive visualization if you are ?stuck?

Ok, there you go ? hope you don?t ask for a time refund after reading this.

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