Buy Your Name as a Domain Name

Why should you buy your name as a domain name?buy your name as a domain name

Actually there are lots of reasons – first of all let me explain what I mean:

Buy “your actual name” .com, preferably. As an example, a long time back I bought and

So you would want to do the same with your own name if at all possible. If it’s not available, consider getting “your entire name”.com or else using another domain name extension that makes sense to you.

Here’s a Wikipedia list – it has gotten huge:

Some domain name extensions are inexpensive and some are very expensive. I’d recommend going through the list of what’s available at and buying “your name” from there.

So here’s some good reasons to do this:

Reputation self-defense:

if you own your own name as a domain name then someone else with bad intentions can’t buy that name, but a website up on it, and put things on the site that would not flattering to you, to say the least.

Reputation proactivity

On the other hand, if you have a lot of things up on your then they will start to show up in the search results and will tend to push down any searches for your name that are inaccurate etc.

For example, years ago I did a search for “Matthew Shelton” and some the top results were a guy that robbed a convenience store (not me!). It turns out that Matthew Shelton is a rather common name is because I need to be taking my own advice here and be putting out more materials for the web for my name.

It makes a great email address:

Your first as an email address to give someone looks much more professional and quite often is easier to say or explain than some strange or random email address you came up with or you were assigned when you got some hosting account or something years ago.

It’s easier than ever to put up a simple WordPress site (such as this one) and get started on it.? So?buy your name as a domain name and get started!

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