bad floor buffing

Ready to see some bad floor buffing? I’ve done floor work pretty much my whole life, and recently discovered that there’s very little good instruction on:

Competently running a floor buffing machine

There’s videos by people who already know how to use the machines, but they skip almost all the steps on how to actually run the machines.

Below are some examples of people running floor buffers without knowing what they are doing. In the first one, it looks like it is kids on some kind of volunteer trip, so they get a ‘pass’ pretty much ? they are just lucky they didn’t wrap the cord around the machine or hit the wall real hard (both common mistakes)

In this video, the people come right out and say they don’t know what they are doing ? good for them!

It is extremely hard to run a floor buffer without the handle adjusted correctly ? and they are running their machine with the handle straight up!

So those are some examples of bad floor buffing ? I’m considering making a video on how it should be done, step-by-step.

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