Site Content Sequencing

Author: Matthew Shelton

If you are a site developer, most likely you have, or would like to have, many sites in development at one time, for various good reasons.

You’ve also already convinced yourself that the sites must have good content, and ideally 100% original content, for maximum impact with the search engines and possible sale-ability of the site.
site content sequencing

Next question is: how much content, how fast?

Here’s my formula and a few of the factors that go along with the process. We’ll call it Site Content Sequencing, because for maximum effectiveness the site content goes out in a certain sequence.

First of all, if the site has not been indexed or else it has been sitting out on the web for some time with no content, then it needs good content on it for its’ launch or re-launch.

At the minimum it needs two 500+ word high quality articles, preferably 100% unique. The next level up of desirability would be 6 articles, and ideal would be 10, all of the same quality, length and uniqueness.

The next thing to NOT have on the site during this “launch” – for maximum search engine ranking I highly recommend you do not have any sort of monetization on the site for at least the first two weeks, and that’s after you are sure that the site has been indexed.

The reason for this is that by doing this your site gets into the “good guy” category of a pure content site, the A++ category, and it can ride that initial rating from then on, if you do the rest of the content sequencing correctly. I know it may very well go against your grain to do this, but if you are wanting maximum effectiveness for your efforts, this step of the process is highly recommended – what’s a few short weeks or at most a month in the larger scheme of things, anyway? Ideally you are doing this with at least a couple of sites, and that way you can keep a better perspective of what you are doing with this whole process.

Next, after you’ve had your site up with your chosen amount of content on it, is to start adding more content.

It’s been shown time and again that what you want to do now is add content consistently. The more aggressive you want to be, then the more frequently you add content, and more of it. Keep in mind that it needs to be of the highest quality, as already mentioned.

So from here, a minimum amount of content added in the sequence would be one new article a month. If the articles are going to be part of a series, then you might consider the Organize Series WordPress plugin to keep them organized. If not, and you’d like to visually organize your posts while you are at it, then consider using the Editorial Calendar 2.7 plugin – you can drag and drop your scheduled posts on the calendar in your WordPress dashboard.

In any case, one new article a week is much better than one a month, twice a week is better than once a week, and so on. The thing is that you need to be checking your site stats and readers feedback to see if you are on the right track here with your content -there’s no point in adding and adding content if it isn’t the right kind of content or if no one is seeing it yet.

Of course, now you can add your monetization into the mix along the way, now that your quality content has done its trick for you, it is “safe” to add it in now – and your top-notch approach of site content sequencing, adding quality content first, is giving you your best chance of the site being a winner for you in the monetary arena also.? No matter what your aim is for your site, getting your content on the site in the right sequence is crucial when it is first getting started – hope this helps you!

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