Nutty Squirrel Time

I’m seeing it again today – the squirrels in our yard are going absolutely crazy. It must be that time of year.

brown thrasher - Matthew Shelton

brown thrasher – Georgia State bird

funny squirrel - Matthew Shelton

They are carrying nuts, and burying nuts, and climbing trees in swift spirals. They are giving frolicking hops through the grass and there even seems to be a bird that is playfully swooping and dive-bombing them while they are doing it. I think it is one of our beautiful brown thrashers, who definitely have an attitude. I’m looking at one pecking in our yard right now and noticed that they have the ability to run very quickly, almost like a roadrunner, as opposed to most songbirds who can only hop. 

Even the chipmunks are going crazy. Earlier this morning on our deck I saw two chipmunks chasing each other in circles just for the sheer joy of it. 

Amazing what displays of vivacious vitality we can see just looking out of our own windows.

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