Does Authentic Content Matter?

by Matthew Shelton

Yes, it does – authentic content makes all the difference. And that is true even if the main thing you consider yourself to be is a marketer instead of a writer. ?People are tired of being “marketed at” and it really doesn’t make sense to do it on the web because ?they are one click away from going to something else.

So it makes a lot more sense to have something worth reading on websites instead of calculated search engine bait. ?Having spun trash on sites is just very short-term thinking – you really can’t build a business that way.

The Kingdom Of Content: What Makes It Authentic? (And Why Does It Matter So …

“Quality content is interesting and compelling (thus the reasons companies are hiring so many journalistic writers these days). Interesting writing is something journalists, by and large, know how to do. Quality content contains information that people …”

authentic web content is like fireworks

Authentic web content is like fireworks!

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