Captain Herb Emory dies

Capt. Herb Emory dies

Captain Herb Emory dies

Captain Herb Emory – best traffic reporter ever

I just found out that the longtime career WSB radio traffic reporter Capt. Herb Emory died this weekend. I am shocked.

For decades I worked as a contractor in the Atlanta area, and I would rely on Capt. Herbs’ traffic reporting every morning and every afternoon to get me where I needed to go: it really was important because I would be driving to a different part of Atlanta all the time and the routes would be different, traffic patterns would be different, plus Atlanta traffic situations can change from moment to moment and having up-to-date information makes a huge difference in how much trouble it is to get to somewhere or even if you get there at all.

I always listened to Capt. Herb and WSB’s traffic reports because I knew the Capt. Herb was serious, and that he was up in a traffic copter looking at the real situation not sitting in a little room like most of the others did getting their information secondhand from Capt. Herb.

Capt. Herb also emphasized supporting the Georgia State patrol and had several special shows with them, and you could tell in many other ways Capt. Herb really took this job quite seriously and it really made a huge difference for me, for many years.

So it was such a shock to hear that he’s suddenly died – I hear it was a heart attack.

I never met him, but still he was part of my life for so long. An era that is ended and I just want to thank Capt. Herb Emory for his years of service, stellar service, and to give my sincere condolences to his family. An era has ended.

Each day that we have is a gift, isn’t it?

It’s such a shock to hear that someone like?Captain Herb Emory dies, that suddenly someone in your life has suddenly been taken from you.

You never hear their voice again – I heard his voice every day for so many years, and I realize now that I took his voice for granted. I pray that I will take less for granted, and more of seeing each day as a gift and expressing my appreciation for the gifts of all the wonderful people, such as Capt. Herb, that make up our lives.

Captain Herb, you were the best.

Thank you, Capt. Herb Emory, thank you.

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