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Nature on Jekyll Island is almost exactly the same as it is on St. Simons – you can see from this picture that they are separated only by the distance of a small body of water before you hit the northernmost peninsula of Jekyll Island. It is easy to kayak to from Saint Simons, in fact.

Saint Simons Island Day Trip Jekyll Island

Saint Simons Island Day Trip Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island: Untamed Nature

“August 2013 Despite Georgia?s small coastline,it should not be underestimated for its pristine nature and splendor.Georgia?s jewel, Jekyll Island, is a small barrier…”

Jekyll Island is a very easy drive from Saint Simons and in the way of nature on Jekyll Island, they do have one thing that SSI doesn’t – the Sea Turtle Center, worth visiting while you are staying here!


Kayaking stuff for you:

Here’s a video about kayaking at Jekyll Island:

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