Online Marketers Devolution

Online Marketers Devolution

Online Marketers Devolution – trust to junk!

Online marketers devolution –? I’ve seen many young up-and-coming people come into the online marketing world and they are ready and willing to help and they’ve got? fresh new ideas that are actually useful and they rapidly become one well known and successful, some to more? extent than others.

But in almost every case the same people go through the same pattern, or devolution you might say:

They go from helpful to being just another person cranking out e-mails to their list regardless of whether what they are touting is any good or not. It must be an almost irresistible temptation to do this, because they have a responsive e-mail list that listens to what they say and therefore in large percentages buy what they recommend-so this can mean thousands and tens of thousands of dollars reaped for every promotional e-mail sent.

Just yesterday I got an e-mail that was promoting a product that when I researched it by going to the Warrior Forum and checking to see what peoples experiences with this product was, I found that it did not work at all and that people weren’t getting responses to their requests for support and also that they weren’t getting responses to their requests for refunds,? so in other words it was a giant ripoff.

As a result of this what I’ve been doing is unsubscribing from anybody who sends me a promotion about this particular product.

It’s really a shame: I’ve seen so many people and their online reputations go from trust to junk.

I guess the temptation is just too great for almost all of them, or else they start to believe the hype that other marketers send them without taking the all-important step of checking out the products themselves before promoting them. Usually there is a “hurry up and promote” rush to get it done to the so-called launches and so it can’t help but make it a big part of the problem.

So in general, if something seems to be too good to be true in 99% of the cases, yes it is too good to be truel and you should definitely do your due diligence and find out for sure what’s really going on.

As I focus down on what I am doing with my life, I find myself more and more immune to these promotions, and just suggest that, I don’t care how soon the “opportunity” is supposed to be ending, that you step back and do your due diligence and in almost all cases you’re? going to be doing yourself a big favor.

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