Who is Matthew Shelton?

Author: Matthew Shelton
Hey I?m Matthew Shelton, ?E Matthew Shelton? on this blog and that?s because I?m going to do lots of ?e? things with you (and because E is actually my first initial).
Here is my Google Plus Profile: +Matthew Shelton
I?ve been on the web since the 1980s and have been doing this kind of stuff for a while.? I sold my first domain a few years back for six figures, and haven?t been selling any domains since then, just haven?t got into it much since then.? I also do audio and video and am a webmaster, Kindle book publisher, and was a physical book publisher before that.? I do Kindle ghostwriting and promotion of Kindle books as a service.

I?m a playwright and had plays produced around Atlanta a few times, I do voiceovers and create audiobooks, and drive people crazy sometimes with my voice imitations.

I?m just here really to give you my knowledge and perspective ? I?ve been doing a lot of this web stuff for a while, and I?ve been, like everybody else, been taken by some scams here and there and that?s the last thing I want to do to anybody on my blog.

So if I ever recommend something, it?s going to be something that I use and believe in, and we?ll get more into that in another blog post, but the way I look at it is like I look at a car mechanic:

I want to go to a mechanic that I believe in and I can trust and won?t charge me for stuff that wasn?t done, things like that.? I?m very blessed to have a mechanic like that, and speaking of being ?blessed? I am a husband and a proud Dad, and my wife and I are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year.

I could ramble on here but instead please sign up to be on the blog list and I?ll be glad to help you out with all this stuff we are going to be going through.
Thanks a lot!

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