Facebook Political Postings Bad for Authors Platforms

Facebook political postings are bad for authors platforms
People are already polarized
No one is changing their mind
So the pithy post that makes a point
The slanted meme that expounds a theme
Makes half the readers mad
Half the readers happy
And cuts an audience in half

By expressing an opinion to people
Who have already made up theirs
So where’s the payoff for online authors
Building their platforms and mailing lists?

No win-win except with your like-minded friends

Sure you can post politics, all you want
But what’s the point unless a pundit is your job
Nothing in the world has a faster expiration date than politics
Unless it is comedy

And this is why no great works of any art
That stand the test of time are based on politics

So claim you are a Whig
Say its stupid to be a Tory,
Orleanist, Legitimist
Hammurabi, Sargon
Quin, Han, Sui, Tang
Yamato, Asuka, Nara
– more!

All dead politics

Why you never heard of them
So keep it up on fb if you want
Where ‘unfollow’ is just a click away
And have your nice political say
With all the people who believe as you do anyway

And wonder why Facebook doesn’t seem to work so well

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